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Manfred Kubny

Dr. Manfred Kubny is a renowned sinologist in the field of Traditional Chinese Life Sciences, having focused his academic studies since the 80s on classical Chinese language, history, literature, theory and practice in this area.

Dr. Kuby is an expert in the history, theory and practice of the Traditional Chinese Sciences, specializing in Fate Science. He is fluent in Chinese and has been initiated into the methods of Taiji Quan, Feng Shui, and Traditional Chinese Astrology (Bazi Suanming) by Chinese masters.

He is one of the few Western experts able to read and interpret the visionary texts of classical and modern Chinese literature in the original language. As a result of 10 years of research in the original Chinese sources, Dr. Kubny created the very first textbook of Bazi Suanming in any Western language.

Manfred Kubny is renown throughout the world as an expert for the theory and practice of the Traditional Chinese Sciences. His philosophy is to transfer the contents of Chinese know-how as unadulterated as possible and as close as possible to the meaning of the Chinese original sources into Western languages. Dr. Kubny produces works with the seal of professional and cultural authenticity.

Dr. Kubny has been a visting professor at the National University of Natural Medicine / College of Classical Chinese Medicine in Portland (Oregon) USA since 2008. He has just finished an 8 year project translating the Di Tian Sui Chan Wei 滴天髓闡微, a well known classic of Bazi Suanming into German.

Robin Littlefield

Dr. Robin Littlefield studied classical Chinese medicine and is a researcher & data scientist in the fields of Classical Chinese medicine, Chinese metaphysics, Classical Chinese texts, Integrative medicine research, and Global Health.

Her doctoral capstone project was a clinical case study on the use of Bazi Suanming as an adjunct health diagnostic technique at the College of Classical Chinese Medicine / National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Littlefield has a Chinese medicine & Chinese metaphysics practice that focuses on using Bazi Suanming and Qimen Dunjia for constitutional & predictive health analysis, and uses this to guide treatment and lifestyle suggestions.

Prior to turning to the studies of Chinese medicine & metaphysics, she was known for being a founding developer of Internet routing technology. She recently completed a Full Stack Developer bootcamp to upgrade her computer programming and web application development skills which she applies to developing Chinese medical diagnosis and Chinese metaphysics apps.

She also practices Jinjing Gong (qigong) with master Wang Qingyu of Chengdu, China, Heiner Fruehauf and Bill Frazier, the current lineage holders of the Daoist teacher Li Jie of Emei shan.

manfred kubny • bazi suanming • qimendunjia • water • qi • investigations • robin littlefield

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